Read how New Zealand won the battle against Coronavirus Pandemic

Just a couple of days ago, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern claimed that country had comprehensively won a massive battle over the spread of coronavirus epidemic. She gave an official announcement when New Zealand started to exit from its nationwide lockdown.

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern who is serving as the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand since 26 October 2017 confirmed in a statement that there is no longer any undetected community transmission of the coronavirus epidemic as the nation prepares to move out of a weeks-long national lockdown at midnight Monday.

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“There is no widespread, undetected community transmission in New Zealand,” Jacinda Kate Laurell ArdernArdern declared as per news agency AFP

“We have won that battle,” an elated Jacinda Ardern added.

For around five weeks at maximum Level Four restrictions, with just essential services in operation, it then moves to Level Three in the country. This means some businesses, takeaway food outlets and schools to reopen. But Ardern had warned that nobody exactly knows when the situation will restore to normal.

“Everyone wants to “bring back the social contact that we all miss. But to do it confidently we need to move slowly and we need to move cautiously,” she added.

“I will not risk the gains we’ve made in the health of New Zealanders. So if we need to remain at Level Three, we will,” she said.

New Zealand had reported just one fresh case in the last day and the total is now 1122 with 19 deaths.

Now, here comes a big question as to how did they manage to do it? The national lockdown was put into action at an early stage itself.

Contingency plans were also put in place so that there were no lack of resources when an emergency situation came.

Confirmed cases were put in quarantine so fast so that the spreading was put in check. This also ensured that the authorities were in complete control of the situation.

With Inputs From AFP.