Twitter war between Sambit Patra and Shabana Azmi, both are intensely replying to each other

As India is going through a bad patch due to coronavirus pandemic, veteran Bollywood actor Shabana Azmi has resorted to fake news to criticize the government for the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak.

A heated exchange of words between Shabana Azmi and Sambit Patra triggered a war on Twitter.

It all started with Shabana Azmi sharing a photograph of two children on Twitter holding each other with the caption, ‘heartbreaking’. Following her tweet, social media users started trolling her for posting fake pictures.

Shabana has put herself into trouble after posting images of two children on her Twitter handle. Her post invited several people to troll her and a lot of people have criticized her on social media for spreading fake propaganda.

Some even called her out for ‘fake propaganda’. Responding to the tweets, Shabana Azmir wrote, “How is it propaganda? The only word I used was Heartbreaking.”

Shabana’s tweet received an instant response from the spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Sambit Patra who claimed that this photo is from Pakistan. Exposing her, Sambit Patra wrote, “Heartbreaking Propaganda even during Difficult times!!”

Shabana responded instantly by saying: “How is it propaganda? The only word I used was Heartbreaking.”

Replying to Shabana Azmi’s tweet, Sambit Patra wrote, “Mam don’t you be worried .. I was calling out the “heartbreaking” propaganda of Pakistan!!” See, Pakistan does not have anything to eat and wants to make new Pakistan, he added.

Veteran journalist Kanchan Gupta had also shared the same picture on his timeline, saying, “So a 2 January 2019 photo from ‘Naya’ #Pakistan resurfaces in #India on 19 May 2020. Heart took a rather long time to break, innit? #TyrannyOfDistance.”

Ever since the lockdown was announced, the migrants have been the hardest hit. They have had to struggle to get back to their homes. Amid the crisis, here is some good news to give you a sigh of relief. Shramik Special Trains have been pressed into service. The Railways decided to carry migrant labourers to their native places. Thousands of migrant labourers are now returning to their villages by special trains.

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