Congress man spews hatred, says “PM Modi is the enemy of Tamil people”

It’s election season in India and Congress President Rahul Gandhi visited Tamil Nadu to start campaigning in the state. He interacted with students and the press in Chennai but little did everyone that things would turn rather hilarious while the Congress chief was at the leader’s Nagercoil public rally.

While Rahul Gandhi preferred to speak English, experienced Congressman and former MP KV Thangkabalu stepped forward to decode the speech into an understandable language in Tamil with some slight modifications and alterations. But Thangkabalu’s translations were totally out of the box as it didn’t match with what Rahul Gandhi delivered in English.

While the Congress chief was attempting to glorify the image and legacy of the late DMK chief M. Karunanidhi by saying he represented the language and history of the Tamil people, Thangkabalu in a high-sounded speech said, “Kalaignar began the development of the Tamil language and the life of the Tamil people. He is inextricably mixed with the growth of Tamil, Tamil Nadu and the feeling of Tamil love.”

Well, this is perhaps the best of Thangkabalu’s translations which were totally ‘irrelevant’ or ‘unrelated remarks’ for Rahul Gandhi’s statements:

Rahul Gandhi: That is precisely why we love the people of Tamil Nadu.

Thangkabalu: That’s why we are fighting. We will show our strength at the right moment.

Rahul Gandhi: And that is why we respect the people of Tamil Nadu.

Thangkabalu while translating made a complete mess as he was heard saying: “Narendra Modi is the enemy of the Tamil people”

And this is how Twitter made a mockery of the translations: