Who is Shifuji, is he a fraud?

It has always been easy for many to blame anyone they want, or it is, at least, a tradition to spit out unkind words at the one whom they don’t like. They apparently leave no stone unturned to malign anyone they hold a personal grudge against. One, of course, doesn’t need to meet someone in person to have a grudge against, they may loath anyone without a meeting.



If we speak on the basis of facts, Shifuji is being targeted for the obvious reason that he speaks against supporters and sympathisers of anti nationals, terrorists etc. He speaks upfront and questions those who think Afzal was a hero to them- a terrorist responsible for the terror attack on Indian Parliament.


The story goes back when someone uploaded a video of Shifuji on his YouTube channel under the title “Indian Army trainer Shifuji gave befitting reply to Kahaiya”. The video went viral and Shifuji became a hero on the internet. Though Shifuji is not an army trainer but he has trained Mumbai police personnel and commondos as a martial art trainer.


As video went viral with the title, people considered him as an army soldier. But after some 10 months, a section of websites is calling him “fraud” after a man uploaded a video saying he is not an army soldier. Some of people are even sponsoring posts claiming he is a fraud. Questions must be asked why they are spending money on promoting the posts on Facebook only to tell people he is a fraud. What is the source of money they spend thereon?


We often give the term “fraud” to those who take away our money, property etc. How fair is it to call Shifuji a fraud? In fact, Shifuji has never ever said or written ‘himself’ that he is an army officer or trainer.


Yet if someone genuinely believes he is a fraud, they must go to court and constitutionally prove that he is indeed a fraud.