“Doordarshan Equipments were sold to build NDTV, and UPA govt helped it” accuses DD News Senior Journalist

Media in today’s world has gone to the next level. The media which considered itself to be the forth pillar of democracy has made more harm than good to the society.

In a shocking development, DD News Senior Journalist has revealed that Nidhi Razdan once appeared on NDTV channel where she said, “don’t make this channel as Doordarshan”.

A video went viral on the internet in which DD News Senior editor Ashok Shrivastav can be heard saying that he was surprised by hearing a statement made by Nidhi Razdan. He said, “what is this! The next day when I did a show on DD news where I raised the same question of how NDTV can even utter Doordarshan’s name with their mouth! “NDTV channel had stolen Doordarshan’s tapes, Yes I am repeating it again NDTV had stolen tapes and equipment from Doordarshan and then NDTV channel was made,” said Shrivastav.

Editor Ashok Shrivastav accused NDTV of stealing Doordarshan equipment which helped NDTV get well established in the country. He also alleged that NDTV was supported by then congress government.

Journalist Shrivastav said that at that time Bhaskar Ghose was at a senior position in Doordarshan. He is Sagarika Ghose’s father and Rajdeep’s father-in-law. So, this is how Ghose had taken money from the Govt and stole footage from Doordarshan to form NDTV. 

Editor Ashok alleged that NDTV stole Doordarshan tapes and equipment to generate revenue. They stole equipment of Doordarshan in 1998 when the CBI filed an FIR against New Delhi Television (NDTV) Managing Director, Prannoy Roy caused Rs 5 crore loss to Doordarshan.

NDTV reporters have been beneficiaries of Congress. Inside information and power trading were leaked as possible ‘exclusive stories’ to NDTV while the Congress-led UPA was in power.

This shows how NDTV has been on Congress payroll for a long time. If Subramanian Swamy had not blown the lid off of the 2G scam, after which other scams were exposed, Congress would have gotten away with it indefinitely. 

NDTV which started in the year 1998, had very close relations with all Congress party members and even with DD channel. It is time to remind these people of their history where they have looted thousands of crores.


Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.