Ravish Kumar exposed? He allegedly asks why doesn’t he speak in Ayodhya, now he asks why he speaks in Ayodhya

The upcoming inauguration of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir on January 22nd has created a sense of anticipation and joy among Hindu Indians. While the atmosphere is filled with happiness, some individuals appear to be feigning their enthusiasm, displaying a form of hypocrisy. Notably, journalist Ravish Kumar has recently come under scrutiny due to two videos. In one video, he questions when the Prime Minister will address the inauguration of the Ram Mandir, while in the second video, he questions why only Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to deliver a speech.

The viral videos have been shared through posts on former Twitter ‘X’. According to the post, the first video of Ravish is from 2018 in which he says, ‘Why doesn’t the Prime Minister go to Ayodhya? Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has gone to Ayodhya 7 times with Prabhu Srivastava and to Faizabad 3 times. Now the question is when will Prime Minister Narendra Modi go to Ayodhya. When will he speak on the issue of Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir? When will Modi give his speech on Ram Mandir? ,

The second video is from 2024 in which he says, ‘But should Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech also have been heard? The headline of Dainik Jagran, news of 28 December 2023, says that PM Modi’s address will be held in front of the lion gate of Ayodhya Ram temple. Godi media or BJP machinery will easily call his speech a national speech but will it not be political? Why should the Prime Minister give speeches on every occasion? Couldn’t a religious guru Shankaracharya have given a speech on this occasion? ,

After watching the viral video, users have shared their reactions. One user writes, ‘He has become irrelevant now, stopping tweeting on him, nobody is interested even in trolling him.’

Another user writes, ‘Don’t give him too much importance. He is a Fake Paid Agent of the Opposition. These types of People can sell their anything for Money and even malign their Motherland for some Money.’

Another user writes, ‘Ignore individuals like this; They sustain their households through spreading propaganda.

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