Meet Sikh Ram Bhakt who participated in illegal Babri Mosque demolition in Ayodhya

The Babri Masjid demolition led to several months of communal violence between India’s Hindu and Muslim communities, resulting in a death toll of at least 2,000 people. A widely circulated video on social media highlighted the account of a Sikh individual who identified as a Ram devotee and was reportedly involved in the destruction of the Babri mosque, playing a significant role in the incident.

In an interview video by Punjab Tak news channel, Satendra ji shares his journey of struggle for Lord Ram. He reminisces about a photograph of himself published in the 32-year-old India Today magazine. Recounting the story behind the picture, he recalls being 21 years old at the time, surrounded by a group of similarly aged individuals. During the Karseva event in 1990, they faced challenges, including indiscriminate firing that resulted in casualties and created a fearful atmosphere. Satendra ji reveals that, during their journey to Ayodhya at that time, they resorted to deception to reach their destination.

We went on 27th November and were there till 8th December. At that time, there used to be a Saryu River in the morning, one would take a bath in the Saryu River, then pay obeisance in the temple and there was also a longing that this is a sign of slavery, one should go. So we will get it done under any circumstances, the work must be done was in Karsevak’s mind. So by the grace of God, this work was done on 6th December and after that, when the structure started collapsing and everything happened, the idol of Lord Ji had to be taken out.

So I saw him even while taking him outside, then outside because he had to be brought inside in five hours. Then how did she come to the tent, all the arrangements were made for her, so whatever scene we saw Ashok Singhal ji, saw Advani ji from close and the camera people who were covering it, their people were so retaliatory? I also saw people fighting with them. We saw all these scenes that day.

Satendra ji further explains, ‘In 2005 he again got a chance to go to Ayodhya but this time he was arrested and he remained in jail for about 4-5 days. But now that the Ayodhya Ram temple is going to be inaugurated, he is very happy to see it because he too had a story full of struggle and now his dream is going to be fulfilled. He further says, ‘We feel very good and feel at ease. I have three-four friends, we have made a complete plan, now next month we will go there by bus and if we like going there, we will stay there for two-three days and come back. So we will also share our memories there because we spent seven-eight-days in the Saryu River.

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