Cruel video: 89-year-old being thrashed, thrown out of her wheelchair 

A disturbing video circulating on social media has left viewers shocked and appalled. In the viral footage, the caretaker at a residence for widows is seen physically assaulting an 89-year-old woman, going so far as to throw her from a wheelchair. The cruelty depicted in the video has elicited widespread outrage and concern.

The viral video is from the US. According to the video, the old woman is sitting in a wheelchair, her condition appears to be very critical. However, the caretaker lady of the widow’s home started misbehaving with the elderly woman. She starts beating her and twists her hands. At last, she grabs the hair of the helpless old woman and throws her out of the wheelchair. During this incident, a woman comes and sees the behavior of the old woman but she does not help her.

This distressing video has sparked widespread outrage, shedding light on the vulnerability of elderly individuals in care facilities. The incident raises serious concerns about the safety and well-being of residents in such homes. Authorities are urged to investigate and take swift action against the caretaker responsible, ensuring justice for the elderly victim and accountability for those who witnessed the abuse without intervening.

The viral video was shared on former Twitter ‘X’. More than 30 thousand people have watched the viral video so far. After watching the video, users shared many reactions. A user writes, ‘This happened in the USA.’

Another user writes, ‘Social security and connected free care offered by Govts in Western/US countries will have end like this—no humanitarian feelings.

Another user writes, ‘Very sad to see this Scene. This is in the West. They are supposed to be more Kind & Compassionate. Seems all of them are INVOLVED. These People don’t understand that One day be Old & may land in an Old Age Home.

Another user writes, ‘Shit. I couldn’t watch at some point. So painful. whoever is that nurse should be sentenced for life.’

Another user writes, ‘It’s so difficult to watch! Even if kids get annoyed with aging parents at times, both forget quickly because the love is intense and your kids are your own but to be humiliated & beaten up like this, is totally defenseless. In contrast, your kids remain busy with their lives. ‘Just horrible!’

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