Video: This guy cut the kite of Amit Shah, and Amit Shah cheered for him

Uttarayan Kite Festival celebrated in Gujarat is an old tradition festival. Home Minister Amit Shah attended this festival and he also completed the tradition of kite flying and gave a high soar to his kite in the open sky. However, this soar did not last long in the sky because an overjoyed young boy cut the string of Amit Shah’s kite.

Kite flying is an exciting and unique sport, which holds an important place in our society. Kite flying is not just a game but it also helps in strengthening our prosperity and morale. In the 20-second viral clip, the boy can be seen skillfully aiming at Amit Shah’s kite, while Shah also enthusiastically tries to dodge the boy’s attempt. But, finally, the boy succeeded in cutting the string of Amit Shah’s kite.

Notably, the video captures Amit Shah’s reaction, wherein he is responding to the incident with a smile and giving a thumbs-up gesture to the young kite enthusiast. Amit Shah also shared his experience on the occasion and said, “Today on Uttarayan, flew kites with the sisters and brothers of Sabarmati Assembly. May this festival of happiness and enthusiasm infuse new energy into everyone’s life.”

Gujarat, known for its vibrant culturally rich celebrations, witnesses a spectacular display of kites in the sky during the Uttarayan festival. Marked by the enthusiasm of the local people, the annual Uttarayan Kite Festival brings the community together for a day of traditional kite flying.

The viral video has been shared by Nirva Mehta on former Twitter ‘X’. After watching the viral video, users shared many reactions. A user writes, ‘You see, it is a community festival, where everyone participates. And this would be more fun in the old city where homes are close by and roofs are more crowded.

Another user writes, ‘Amit Shah should repost to encourage this boy.’

Another user writes, ‘ED is coming.’

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