Japan knocked out of the World Cup but players and fans cleaned everything before leaving

We have seen fans venting out their frustration on social media after their team’s failure. We have seen them abusing players after when their performances weren’t up to the scratch. We have seen fans getting into the infamous activities of breaking the chairs, throwing plastics and flares on the pitch.

We have also seen them taking extreme steps by committing suicides for failing to control their emotions following team’s lack of success. Yesterday, Japanese players and their fans taught the world a great lesson, that will surely melt your hearts.

Credits: Twitter

Despite seeing their team getting knocked out of the World Cup tournament, losing to Belgium by 2-3, they did not do what everyone probably imagined they would but the fans cleaned up the stadium before leaving. To remember the fact that Japan were ahead of Belgium by 2 goals to nil and Belgium paced up the passage of play slowly only to pull off the thriller in 94′ minute.

But still, Japan won everyone’s hearts by displaying sheer class. Fans cleaned the stadium while the players cleaned the bench and dressing room and also left a ‘Thank you’ note in Russia. This goes to show that their culture speaks huge volumes. They have been taught since school days to clean their surroundings after school hours and to respect everyone.

Day by day, they are gaining huge respect from all snippets of the world. Just a couple of days ago, Japanese officials apologize to the nation for an employee who left his seat 3 minutes early. This is why most people respect Japanese and their culture. Even the haters turned into biggest fans of Japanese culture just after seeing such classy act.

They are simply amazing! They treat everyone equally. Absolute class from them both on and off the field. It isn’t just about football, it’s about discipline that comes from being kind and polite to everybody. Japanese people simply nailed it. A pure touch of class. We need to learn a lot from them.


Chaithanya G
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