Aakash Chopra slams troller who called him a ‘failed cricketer’, read details

Cricket is deemed a ‘religion’ in this country. There is no doubt that it’s the most-watched sport in India. Indian cricketers get paid handsomely for representing the country and they are known to lead a luxurious life.

Apart from earning in the international arena, they also get tonnes of bonuses from the cash-rich Indian Premier League. To put it in simple terms, earning money for them is as easy as a pie.

Cricketers also love to lead the team by the epitome of class. We just can’t judge their character based on their attitude on the field. They play with passion, pride, grit and determination to win games and in the process, some display sheer aggressiveness. But off the field, they are totally different people altogether.

Aakash Chopra slams troller who called him a 'failed cricketer', read details

Some cricketers who have called curtains on their professional cricket career have already started new innings by taking up commentary duties, coaching duties, analysis works and so on.

Meanwhile, Aakash Chopra has been one of the top cricket experts in India. Every now and then, he comes up with his own analysis of the gentleman’s game, which is nearly true in every sense.

Moreover, most of his predictions have come true, which goes to show the quality of his analysis. At times, he has often been on the receiving end of trolls and abuses on social media.

Aakash Chopra gives an epic reply to a troller

Recently, one of the trollers crossed his limits to troll Aakash Chopra and the latter didn’t hold back as he came up with a mouth-shutting reply to the troller.

The troller tried to pull Chopra’s leg by calling him a “failed cricketer”. This particular comment caught the attention of Chopra as he gave a mouth-shutting response to a troller.

It all started when the former India cricketer was seen analyzing a match in one of his videos posted on Twitter. Needless to say, a fan posted a screenshot of the statistics that were maintained by him taking a swipe, as he called him a ‘failed cricketer’.

“Please explain your career too. What is this? How can you talk about cricket? When you are a failed cricketer,” the fan had posted an insensitive comment which caught the eyeballs of Aakash Chopra.

“I googled you…found no career in cricket or otherwise. Going by your logic, how can you talk about me?? When you a __ person in life? On a serious note: get a life, my friend Love you,” Chopra came up with a mouth-shutting reply to a troller.