Husband tries to overtake bus but wife gets crushed to death on the spot

Some accidents can be terrifying as it can hit anybody at any place or at any time and the best way to prevent such accidents is to take as many precautions as possible. In a shocking incident, a wife travelling on husband’s bike got crushed under a state bus in Mumbai after the bike skidded off the road due to a bad condition in heavy rains.

Times have not been too good for Mumbai people as almost every snippet of the city is covered with water with the torrential downpour throwing normal life out of gear. The rains paralyzed the city and the waterlogging affected the normal life. The unfortunate road accident that happened recently disturbed everyone, which is a life lesson to all.

In the video, the husband and wife can be seen travelling on a bike, perhaps they were in a hurry as they were seen moving with a swift pace and in the process, the man switched gears to overtake the bus that was also coming beside them.

But little did he know that the bike would skid off due to poor road condition in heavy rains. In a split second, the mishap had happened. Luckily, the man survived but unfortunately, the woman died on the spot.

Watch the full video below:

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