Police force foreign girls to write “Sorry” 500 times for violating Lockdown in Rishikesh

Amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown, a video went viral on social media like wildfire in which a group of foreigners can be seen seeking an apology from Police officials for breaking shutdown rules in Rishikesh.

Ten foreigners from different countries were found taking a stroll in the Tapovan area, amid the ongoing 21-day shutdown to check the further spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. They were later caught by cops and forced them to write ‘Sorry’ 500 times for their negligence.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already urged every citizen of the country to avoid social gatherings as part of precautionary measures to contain coronavirus outbreak, but these tourists do not understand the importance of closedown and are continuously visiting places.

At a time when the world is combating the coronavirus pandemic, these foreigners are enjoying their picnic in Rishikesh. Sub-Inspector Vinod Kumar Sharma told news agency PTI, ten non-native people were arrested roaming along the Ganga river during the closure. Each one of them was made to write an apology 500 times, as a punishment, he said.

“I did not follow the rules of lockdown so I am so sorry,” each one of them wrote 500 times, Sharma added. Around 500 foreigners are staying in the Tapovan area these days and they are often seen violating the lockdown rules, throwing caution to the wind, he further said.

The operation to penalise them was conducted to send out a strong message to those who tend to take the shutdown lightly, Sharma said. Rishikesh is predominantly known for water sports. Many locals, as well as foreign tourists, visit this place every year in the quest for spirituality.

The novel coronavirus outbreak has now claimed the lives of at least 111,731 people and infected more than 18 lakh people globally. By far, at least 289 deaths owing to COVID-19 have been confirmed in India and over 9,000 people have been infected with it.

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