Is it a govt failure? Massive crowd pops up at Delhi bus stand amid Lockdown

Everyone is well aware of the fact that India, at the moment, is under complete lockdown to check the spread of coronavirus pandemic. The nationwide lockdown has created a panic situation in the country, especially for the daily wage workers who are not able to survive in urban areas without work. They can not even go back to their villages as they are stuck in cities. 

Amid the nationwide lockdown, homeless people and daily wage workers, who migrate to big cities from their home towns in search of jobs, are facing critical problems.

People have been told to stay at home but what about those who are homeless? Now, thousands of migrants have thronged the Delhi road in the hope of reaching their homes in far-flung areas.

A massive crowd, including women, children, with their bags on their heads and backs, gathered at the Anand Vihar Interstate Bus Terminal here. In the photo, they can be seen standing in a long queue waiting for their turn to board the buses.


However, the Uttar Pradesh government

has announced that 1,000 buses have been pressed into service to carry migrant workers stranded in the border districts owing to a countrywide lockdown.

Recently, many people have reached on foot their home after covering hundreds of kilometers. After that, the Delhi government has also come forward to help homeless people. The government has deployed around 100 buses for passengers.

How will the government deal with the current situation at this time? After seeing hordes of people on the road, the administration has also come in trouble. Now, how will the government ensure the safety of all passengers? is it a government failure?

Although the police have asked people to maintain distance to avoid any unwanted situation. Three queues have been formed for the people, it seems that the queue has no end.

Police are putting their lives at risk and helping these people reach their homes. In this situation, police are playing a crucial role in making people de-board overcrowded buses to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

The entire world is in a state of shock after the novel coronavirus pandemic impacted lakhs of people’s lives. By far, the virus has affected over 6 lakh people globally and the global death toll has risen to at least 27,000. Thankfully, over 1.3 lakh people have recovered from the deadly outbreak.

In India alone, the confirmed positive cases of coronavirus have surpassed 900 so far, while at least 20 people have died in the country from the infection. Complete lockdown for 21 days has been imposed across the country in order to check the spread of COVID-19 outbreak.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged his countrymen to stay at home and maintain social distancing during the lockdown.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.