Mumbai businessman passed away two days after “hair transplant”

In an unexpected turn of events, Mumbai-based businessman identified as Saki Naka drew his last breathe closely 2 days after a hair transplant surgery, as reported by a leading daily. The right reason behind the death remains a ‘mystery’ as the autopsy findings are unresolved.

Needless to say, the doctors at the hospital where the “hair transplantation was performed” said the “death was likely owing to a strong allergic reaction”.

Credits: Dr.M.Khawar Nazir

A 43-year-old Shrawan Kumar Chaudhary arrived at Powai’s Hiranandani Hospital on Friday with “breathing issues and swelling on his face and throat”. The doctor-on-duty found out that the signs like that of a “life-threatening allergic reaction” called anaphylaxis.

On arriving at the hospital, Chaudhury ran through a state of shock and a cardiologist was also called for to restore his heart, but unfortunately, he died on Saturday around 6.45 AM. As per the Mumbai cops, Chaudhary was implanted with 9,500 hair grafts in a medical operation that lasted for over 15 hours.

Shockingly, the same incident also happened in the year 2016 when a final year medical student in Chennai, passed away after undergoing a hair transplant. 22-year-old Santosh died within 2 days after the surgery.

The victim’s mother said that her son developed a fever quickly after the 10-hour medical process that involved around 1,200 hair transplants.