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In today’s world, money speaks volumes. Wherever you go, the first thing that people about is your earnings. Isn’t it? When you’ve landed into your dream job, then the transition becomes quite easier for you to grow from strength to strength.

On the contrary, we have also seen people getting paid handsomely but with less job satisfaction. But the equation is going to be the same as the majority of the people run only behind money and not behind their favourite jobs.

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We must appreciate people like Nitin Biyani and Pooja who like to stand on their own without having to depend on bosses. Both are husband and wife and they are giving entrepreneurship goals. Nitin and Pooja were working in software companies and much to their work standards, they got paid handsomely 15 lakhs per month but were least satisfied with their jobs.

Nitin opened up his previous work experience with software companies where he plied his trade for 10 years. The couple decided to quit the lucrative high-paying jobs and start new innings in life by opening Chai Villa in Nagpur almost a year ago. It was when their life started to change. When you follow your heart, everything is peaceful. Today, they earn up to Rs.5 lakh every month.

“I have been working for 10 years as an engineer in companies like IBM and Cognizant, but my wife and I wanted to do something different in life so we started this shop and now we earn up to Rs 5 lakh every month,” he added.

With plenty of tea and coffee flavours to choose from, the stall has perfected the attracting the customers. “Chai Villa sells more than fifteen types of tea and coffee. The shop offers various kinds of snacks too and also takes orders through WhatsApp and Zomato. The stall also has special containers for delivering tea in offices, banks, and hospitals. We have also hired a lot of people and want to expand our chain,” Nitin Biyani said according to ANI.

Chai Villa on an estimate serves more than 2000 cups of tea in a day. Nitin and his wife are happy with the success and he wants to take this business to a different level. Right now, he is looking for investors who can help him open more such stores in other cities as well.

Nitin said adding that the shop was on many social networking sites and even the customers are turning up in numbers to get a new experience. One of the customers, Hritesh, said, “I like this place as we get different types of tea at affordable prices here and it is very hygienic.”

Two Engineers quit Jobs to sell Tea, now they are earning in crores annually

Never underestimate the power of engineers in today’s world. They can go any extreme and achieve something big in life. This is a proven fact. When you ask a random guy or a girl on why Engineering was their priority, s/he would say “I decided to study Engineering because my friend joined the same course or I joined because of self-interest (can be a lie too).”

But after finishing the course, some of them would end up in a different job, irrelevant to the course they studied. Then they come up with crazy answers like, “I don’t really know why I took Engineering but I eventually found my interest in some other better field of my choice”.

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This is the interesting story of Abhinav Tandon and Pramit Sharma who are budding engineers who instead of pursuing their engineering career have launched their own startup business. Their main idea of a startup is very simple and that is selling high-quality tea to the common people. With this simple idea, they built an empire which is earning in crores annually.

Digging in detail about the story – Abhinav and Pramit are software and electrical engineer respectively. After finishing their college both were placed in multinational companies with heavy packages. However, they were keen on starting up their own business. It was no surprise for them to enter into the business field as they read a lot of business magazines during their engineering days.

Though they had ideas to do something innovative there was a lack of capital. Then both of them agreed upon starting a business with a minimum investment that generates more employment opportunities. In order to concentrate the business, they left their jobs and launched the first tea shop with Rs 1 Lakh investment in Sector 16 Noida. Both friends saved this money from their salaries.

In college and job days both of them bought tea from the street vendors that was of low quality. It was then the idea sparked about launching a business of selling high-quality tea to people.

The tea retail store was named ‘Chai Calling’. Within a couple of days, they earned a reputation and trust from the customers. In a few days time, they earned loyal customers by serving the best quality and pure tea. The friend’s business venture gave a solution to most tea lovers. The people are delivered hot and quality tea at their doorstep as and when they wish.

They named the fast home delivery of hot tea as “Chai Brigade” which provides hot and quality tea within 15 minutes. As of now, they have 12 functioning tea stalls and are keen towards expanding their business venture into other cities. They offer as many as 15 varieties of tea which cost around Rs 5 to 25.

It is worth mentioning here that the annual turnover of their business has touched crores of rupees. It is indeed inspiring how these youngsters preferred to run the business besides continuing their respective jobs to provide employment opportunities to people while also bringing quality service to others.

There is nobody in this world who wants to lead a frugal life. Though we all dream of being successful very few of us actually get to relish the taste of success. Many of them give up dreams midway due to lack of perseverance or loss at some point or some distractions. Don’t lose hope.

There is nobody in this world who wants to lead a frugal life as all would dream for a luxurious life. Life offers us chances to grow, it gives us opportunities to become rich, it gives us chances to succeed and Abhinav and Pramit were smart enough to write a success story for themselves.