Karnataka Police make sure that lockdown violators clean Public places as Punishment

No matter how many times the government advice people to not step outside, people still violate the rules and simply roam around for fun. Some people neither take it seriously nor follow the rules imposed by the authorities.

Many times people have violated the lockdown orders in various states, with police having to be strict to prevent any unnecessary movement.

In many cases linked to violations of restrictions, police have been forced to assault the citizens and detain those wandering around for no reasonable purpose. But Karnataka police found the ideal punishment for those who are violating rules.


Karnataka police are making sure that people clean public places for breaching lockdown orders. The main incident was witnessed in Mandya district where the violators were made to the clean the Devirammanni Lake, a report in the Hindu said.

The whole world is in a state of shock after the novel coronavirus outbreak impacted lakhs of people’s lives. So far, 1,08,862 people have passed away linked to coronavirus and 17,77,515 people were affected by the virus infection. Thankfully, 4,04,236 people have recovered from the coronavirus pandemic.

Amid the nationwide lockdown owing to the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic, homeless people and daily wage workers, who migrate to big cities from their home towns in search of jobs, are combating hunger for survival as the fast-spreading disease has now created a panic situation across India.

The situation had gone from bad to worse and during this crisis, celebrities, entrepreneurs, businessmen rose to the occasion by doing their best to help the country combat the pandemic.

The condition across the country is critical now. India’s current death toll from the coronavirus pandemic stands at 273, with the nation reporting 8,356 confirmed cases and out of them, 716 people have recovered from the disease.