Mukesh Khanna tells his fans, why he never married

Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna, who played the iconic role of Bhisma Pitamah in BR Chopra’s 90s serial “Mahabharat”, wants to clear the controversy around his marriage. The actor said marriages are made in heaven and written in destiny and he has not taken any pledge to not tie the knot.

While all his contemporaries got married and settled down, Mukesh Khanna refused to marry and is fiercely protective of his personal life. The actor said in Hindi, “Marriage happens to those who have it in their destiny. By the way, because of my habit of speaking my mind, a lot of controversial things are associated with me. I want to end the controversy that has been going on for many years.”

Mukesh, who is still unmarried, got candid about his take on the association. While speaking on the show ‘On The Talks,’ he said, “At one time, this was the favourite question of every journalist. Let me tell you that I am not against marriage. People often said that Mukesh Khanna played Bhishma Pitamah, whom he is adopting in his personal life, so he did not marry. Let me tell that I am not so great and no man can become Bhishma Pitamah. I did not take any pledge like Bhishma in my personal life, but let me also tell that no one would consider the institution of marriage more than me. I am not against marriage. A marriage is written in destiny, affairs aren’t written.”

The 62-year-old Mukesh Khanna went on to share his thoughts on the institution of marriage. “Marriage is the union of two souls, it is made in heaven. Two families are committed in a marriage, their genes are committed. I think no knows the truth. Marriage is union of two souls who live together 24 hours a day. They have to live together and their lives change together and the fate of the two collides and also helps each other. If I have to get married, it will happen; now a girl is not going to be born for me. Marriage is my private matter, I do not have no wife. Let me end this controversy once and for all.”

Mukesh was recently in news for allegedly refusing to be a part of the Mahabharat reunion on The Kapil Sharma Show. Opening up about the same, Mukesh had said that the makers of TKSS had tarnished his character Shaktimaan in an earlier episode. He had called the show ‘vulgar.’

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