Amit Bhadana becomes first Indian to have 20 million Subscribers, know how much he earns

Famous Indian YouTuber, Amit Bhadana, has gained 20 million subscribers on his channel, making him the first individual Indian YouTuber to have achieved this milestone.

It is true that YouTube is the best channel to come into the limelight. Many people all around the world are creating a YouTube channel in order to make money. Amit Bhadana thanked his fans for their support and love. He took to Twitter to announce the news and posed with a picture of himself holding the national flag. Later, he also conducted a live session on his Youtube channel to talk to his fans, whom he refers to as his ‘family’.

Amit was born on 7 September 1994 in Joharipur village, Delhi. He was a promising student in his school days. He wanted to become a lawyer after completing his law degree, but who knew that destiny wanted him to be a popular Indian YouTuber?

The idea of making YouTube videos came to his mind in the year 2012 and then he started his YouTube channel. He began to publish full-fledged videos from March 1, 2017. Today, he has touched the pinnacle of success. If he publishes any video on his channel, it receives lakhs of views within an hour. He has become the first Indian YouTuber to have more than 2 crore subscribers on his channel. 

During LIVE chat with his fans, acknowledging their support, he said, “Aaj mei nhi kahunga mere liye. Hum sab ke liye ye kitna bada din hai aaj. Subscriber mein bola nahi, mei parivar bolta hun.” (Today, I won’t say it’s for me but for all of us it’s a big day. I won’t call you subscribers but you’re my family).

As per reports, Amit Bhadana’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around Rs 43.70 crore ($5.7 million). Amit has made several amazing videos with Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Singers, and many other celebrities. He has credited his success to his fans, saying he is what he is because of them.

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