Americans praise Sikhs, after they deliver Pizzas to front-line Corona workers in New York

Amid the worldwide panic over the novel coronavirus, the Sikh community in America has come forward to extend a helping hand for those in need.

The speed with which corona is spreading seems unstoppable, it is not showing any sign of halting. The condition across the globe is critical but we know–this too shall pass. So amid this situation of crisis, here is some good news to give you a sigh of relief.

Now, the Sikh community has emerged as saviours for doctors, healthcare workers and policemen. The selfless member of the community, who, without even caring for their own life, sprung into action to deliver pizza to those on the frontline of this battle, like doctors, hospital staff, firefighters and policemen.

In New York, The Sikh community member named Shalinder Singh has served hundreds of Pizzas to the frontline warriors. Before the coronavirus pandemic, Shalinder Singh used to go to Gurdwara every Sunday and serve ‘Langar’ to 300 people. Now, he’s distributing pizza to doctors and healthcare workers. Several people are praising them for distributing pizzas in New York amid epidemic. They are getting a lot of appreciation on social media for the kindness act. Sikhs made every Indian proud.

Shalinder Singh, a 40-year-old owner of a pet products company said, “It just came to my mind that this is the time to take care of the heroes in the front and I spoke to a couple of doctors and they said pizza is the best because they’re working 12 to 16 hours and they don’t have time to sit and eat.”

The Singhs, including 12-year-old Arjun and 14-year-old Baani, are helping to ensure that no one will go hungry. They have delivered more than 1,000 pizzas since early April, with no plans to slow down. 

Thanks to Singh who stepped in at the right place and at the right time on the ground and helped to bring some good optimism to an otherwise serious situation.

“We’re trying to go to areas that aren’t getting much food,” Singh said. “We started putting out little clips on social media and that’s how people have found us to donate,” he said. Social media has been so great. I make a post and ask, `Where should we go next?’”

“These are minimum-wage workers,” Singh said. “If we can put a smile on their faces with just a slice of pizza, why can’t we do just one small act of kindness, you know?”

Sikhs hit the headlines for all the right reasons. Whenever there is a problem, the real heroes emerge as saviours for the victims. They have a community called ‘Sikh Community’, selflessly coming forward to help doctors and healthcare workers who are putting their lives at risk and treating coronavirus patients.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.