Engineering students design talking glove for speech & hearing impaired people

India has never been short of producing talents. Be it academics, sports and other important streams, the aspiring minds with ambitious mindset come through with flying colours by inventing something useful for the society.

A group of 4 engineering students from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) carved out a reputation for themselves as a creative team as they took the innovation to a whole new level by devising ‘talking glove’, which has the capability to convert gestures and signs to spoken English.

Credits: The Better India

It’s because of their innovation, it made the lives of speech and hearing impaired people much easier to communicate. The spectacular innovation managed to clinch the 2nd prize at the MIT Innovation Challenge. The product is expected to get financial backing for developing working prototypes.

“People who cannot speak/hear make use of the sign language to communicate, but most people cannot understand the sign language or don’t know how to use it. We are inspired to change the lives of these people, to make them an integral part of society,” Dhruv Sharma told Bangalore Mirror.

Dhruv added that the glove converts gestures and signs of American Sign Language into spoken English output and facilitates an impaired person to communicate with the world as well as make the life better and easier than ever before.

“A person using the sign language can simply wear the glove and execute the movement and gestures. The glove will interpret the meaning of signs or gestures and generate a speech output for the same,” he added.

The team is looking forward to making the ‘talking glove’ more compact and create an Android application.

If this brilliant innovation chips into the commercial market, it could act as a major advantage for not just those with speech and hearing impaired folks but also those who are interested to be a part of their world.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.