Sikh Community steps forward to support victims of New Zealand Mosque Shootings

In what was considered as the worst-ever mass shootings in New Zealand’s history, as many as 52 people lost their lives and 20 others were injured in two mosques in central Christchurch on Friday. Celebrities and people from other parts of the world condemned the attack.

The Sikh community that makes the headlines for all the right reasons once again came forward to do their bit to assist the families of the shooting victims in New Zealand. The Guru Nanak Free Kitchen in Auckland, an NGO highly-involved in several human services appealed to their community members to help those in a tough situation.


Reacting to an appeal by a Muslim representative, the GNFK in a Facebook post urged the volunteers to step forward to help the Muslim community in Christchurch with washing bodies, transportation of families and bodies to the graveyard, digging graves and provide food for the people attending funerals.

The group also thanked everlasting support they received and said that “Our various communities and groups truly embody the compassion and love that will need to prevail to heal the wounds of yesterday’s attacks.”

As per their Facebook page, the Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen started in April 2017 when a group of individuals gathered together and then wanted to help the hungry stomachs in Auckland.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.