“If you find a Hindu Nurse treating Covid-19 in Hospitals, inject the drug in her body”, Says AIMIM leader Faisal

A video of AIMIM supporter Abu Faisal went viral on social media in which Faisal can be seen instigating Muslims against Doctors and nurses amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In the video, he can be seen claiming that Muslim women should refuse to take injections prescribed by doctors as it can make them sterile.

In the video, which is doing the rounds on social media, Faisal can be seen alleging that a ‘vicious campaign’ has been launched to limit the Muslim population by the government. He provoked Muslim men and women against non-Muslim doctors and said that the Muslim patient must inject the non- Muslim doctor first before taking the prescribed medication.

AIMIM leader once again tried to instigate Muslims against Hindus on the pretext of COVID-19 outbreak. After his controversial statement against Hindu doctors, his video went viral on social media and soon social media was flooded with reaction to his statement. Hordes of netizens slammed Abu Faisal for his hate speech.

He also plays audio in order to prove what he claims. In the audio, a man can be heard claiming that young Muslim men are administered slow poison, in an attempt to turn them sterile or cause eventual death. Faisal went on to say that Coronavirus is a conspiracy by the Rashtriya Svayamsevaka Saṅgha (RSS) and no infectious virus exists.

He alleged that RSS is targeting the Muslim population in the name of coronavirus. He says, Muslims are not allowed to run their business amid lockdown, but Faisal must know that all organisations and factories have been shut down after the announcement of lockdown. He says that this is nothing but a conspiracy by Hindu grouups to decrease the Muslim population. AIMIM leader refers to them as “dung” and “piss” worshippers. He further provokes all Muslims to unite by citing impending doom.

He made inflammatory statements against Hindus and refused to apologise for his hate speech, adding that Faisal called Hindus as a ‘dung eating’ community and termed Hindus as ‘Sooar ke aulaad’ (children of pigs). In the video, he claims that Muslims can easily kill and wipe out Hindus.

He says that Muslims will no longer respect Hindus in future. Seeing the fact, coronavirus began to spread exponentially after thousands of people gathered at Tablighi Jamaat event which was held at Nizamuddin Markaz mosque located in Nizamuddin West in South Delhi. Later, Tablighi Jamaat people misbehaved with doctors and nurses in the hospital where they were being treated. Tablighi Jamaat attendees threw feces and urine on doctors. They did not follow lockdown rules imposed by the government to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

The video was shared on Abu Faisal’s Facebook page on May 2 and has garnered thousands of likes and shares.


Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.