Funny, woman does Aarti to TI, she was upset with police over not taking any action after the complaint

A video from Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh is circulating on social media, showcasing a woman who boldly confronted police officers over delays in filing an FIR. In a display of sarcasm and frustration, she performed an aarti ceremony for the police station officer. This incident has sparked widespread attention on social media.

The video depicts a woman, accompanied by her husband and daughter, entering the Kotwali police station in Rewa to perform an aarti ceremony in front of a police officer. The reason cited in the video was an alleged delay by the police in filing the FIR despite an ongoing investigation for 26 days. When the time for arrest arrived, the police purportedly insisted on further investigation. The aarti was intended as a sarcastic reminder to the officers of their duty and responsibility towards public safety.

According to the viral video, the woman has a shop and had come to the police station to complain of theft, but till now no action has been taken by the police regarding the matter. Frustrated with this, the woman goes to the police station and performs the aarti of the officer. Its sole purpose was to remind them of their service and responsibility. Assisting the general public is the responsibility of the police.

The police station officer was taken aback when he saw the women together. He quickly stood out from his chair and attempted to intervene as the woman began performing the aarti. The woman had lodged a theft complaint on January 28, yet even after three months, no action had been taken. Frustrated by the lack of progress, she resorted to this drastic measure to seek assistance.

The incident highlights the frustration many citizens feel with delays and inefficiencies in the justice system. It underscores the importance of accountability and timely response from law enforcement agencies to address public grievances effectively.

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