6 Muslim men arrested for selling Samosa to Hindus with beef stuffed  inside

A shocking case has come to light from Vadodara, Gujarat in which 6 Muslim men have been arrested. Samosas are one of everyone’s favorite dishes and are served everywhere with a variety of fillings. But you will be shocked to hear this, in this famous samosa shop in Vadodara, samosas are not sold with potatoes or any other filling but with beef meat. The investigation of the case is going on, this news has spread on social media, and everyone is shocked.

The owner of Hussaini Shop, a popular samosa shop in the city, has been arrested along with five other people for selling samosas filled with cow meat to the people. According to online sources, the police said that they received information following which they raided the shop of ‘Hussaini Samosa’ in the Chipwad area on Saturday and seized the stock. Hundreds of kilograms of samosas filled with beef were seized and sent to FSL for testing.

DCP (Zone 4) Panna Momaya said that ‘tests proved that the samosas contained cow meat, following which six people were filed and arrested.’ The accused have been identified as Yusuf Shaikh and Naeem Shaikh, owners of Hussaini Samosa shop. The employees are Hanif Bhathiara, Dilawar Pathan, Moin Habdal, and Mobin Shaikh.

Police said that many people across the city ate these samosas thinking that they were meat samosas. DCP Momaya further said ‘The owners used to prepare large quantities of raw samosas (not fried) every day and supply them to shops across the city where they were fried and sold to customers. Yusuf Shaikh used to sell samosas as meat samosas to the shop owners.

Ajit Bhartiya has shared information about this matter on Twitter through a post. The viral post has received more than 1.5 lakh views and 10 thousand likes so far. Everyone is shocked to hear this news. Users have shared various types of reactions.

Aditya Kumar Trivedi writes, ‘But no one will speak on this issue because there is a gang of sycophants out there, if they speak on this issue, their secularism will be in danger. Yes, if we say something then these casteist people will start opposing us.

Karanjit Singh writes, ‘I am thinking, what must be happening to those who have eaten it by mistake, these people with Jihadi tendencies are a threat to the country of India.’

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