Sweden: Afghan immigrant kills bus driver for not giving him free ride

A tragic incident has come to light in Sweden in which an Afghan refugee killed a bus driver because he was not allowed free travel. This incident has shocked the whole country. Pictures of the incident are going viral on social media.

On April 15, 27-year-old Afghan citizen Morteza Heidari and a friend attempted to board a bus at a stop on Robyvagen near Buresgatan. Without valid tickets, an argument ensued with the driver. They allegedly tried to deceive the driver by showing images of counterfeit tickets.

The bus driver, in an attempt to maintain order, attempted to kick the two out and close the door. This act had serious consequences. Morteza Heidari, not willing to be kicked out of the bus, abused the driver and took out a sharp object, attacking the driver with it. During police interrogation, the bus driver said that Heidari had something like a razor blade or carpet knife. Heydari defended himself, claiming that the bus driver had kicked him in the stomach without provocation, forcing him to defend himself.

Morteza Heydari has a history of criminal activity, including numerous drug-related offenses and multiple thefts, with one notable incident involving the theft of meat worth thousands of kroner from grocery stores. He admitted to the charge of aggravated assault for his attack on a bus driver. The court deemed a prison punishment of one year and nine months to be a fitting punishment for this violent act.

The viral picture on social media showed blood on the floor of the bus. The pictures of this attack are going viral on social media. Users are sharing various reactions after seeing the viral post.

A user writes, “This happens more than people realize. It regularly happens in Sweden and Germany.”

Another user writes, “For Germans, this is everyday life: locals are injured, abused, and killed daily. I hope the bus driver will survive.”

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