74% Indian youths support Citizenship Act (CAA), 26% are against: Says a survey conducted by TheYouth

A survey, conducted by TheYouth, came amid the ongoing protests across the country over the Citizenship Amendment Act. According to the survey, 74% of Indians have supported the act. Till the 26th of December, Over ten thousand people participated in the survey, which claimed that 74% of Indians have backed the Citizenship Amendment Act, while 26% of Indians are against the act. 

The survey was conducted by TheYouth team online with a view to knowing the opinion of people over CAA. More than 10,000 People have expressed their views on the CAA during the survey. After the survey, it was noticed that 74% of people have welcomed the CAA, while 26% are not in favor. Supporting the act people said that the Citizenship Act grants right to those who came to India after facing persecution in the three specified countries. The Citizenship Act has nothing to do with Indian Hindus or Muslims. Political parties are trying to gain political mileage.

Deadly protests against the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) continue to rage across the country. The protest is being held in many parts of the nation since the bill was passed by parliament. Protesters, in West Bengal, set on fire trains and blocked railway tracks. Several agitators have vandalized government properties, due to which the government has suffered a huge loss

As per the survey, a large number of people have supported the central government move. The citizenship law has nothing to do with Indian citizens, however, opposition parties are misleading protesters and provoking them to protest against the bill.

As per Times of India, a group of about 1,100 academicians, intellectuals and research scholars has issued a joint statement in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Supporting the act, the group said that the act fulfills the long-standing demand of providing refuge with persecuted religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

Home Minister Amit Shah has already made it clear that this bill is only for persecuted minorities who faced persecution in neighboring countries. The bill grants citizenship to minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, who have come to India before 2014, and Indian citizens or Muslims need not worry about the Citizenship Bill as they will not be asked to produce any document to prove citizenship. Below is the screenshot of the poll, which The Youth team started on December 20 this year.

74% Indian youth support CAA
a large number of people support CAA


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