6 Muslim protesters have paid their first installment of 86 thousand to the Kanpur administration. These rioters damaged public and private property.

Muslim scholars are now resorting to love Jihad, Ahmed Bukhari, “the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi”, has asked Muslim youths to do Love Jihad

One video went viral on social media in which Muslim women could be seen complaining about how Muslime men forced them to raise anti-national slogans.

One video went viral on social media in which a Muslim woman could be seen saying, My husband forced me to join Shaheen Bagh and protest

one Maulana identified as Abdullah Salim Chaturvedi could be heard making incendiary speeches amid the violence in Delhi over the CAA

In a shocking incident in Indore city, workers of the Madhya Pradesh Health Department were attacked by a Muslim mob at Khajrana.

Ever since the Citizenship Amendment Bill has been passed by the parliament, protesters have been holding several protests across the country.

Puri Shankaracharya has come in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act but at the same time, he has criticized the central government for the protest.