“Muslim men beat up, forced us to shout Slogans against India” Women complain with police

One video went viral on social media in which Muslim women could be seen complaining about how Muslime men forced them to raise anti-national slogans. Women accused Mushtaq, Pappu, Momin, and Chandu of forcing them to attend an anti-CAA dharna in Eidgah, Aligarh. 

The video circulating on social media shows that these women reached the police station to lodge a complaint against these Muslim men who forced them to join anti-CAA protests.

In the video, women could be heard saying that we never wanted to raise anti-national slogans but some Muslime men forcefully entered our house and beat us and forced us to shout ‘Hindustan Murdabad’, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. 

They further said that every woman in the area is being forced to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act by Muslim men. If any woman refuses to join dharna, she is beaten up.

In the video, women, while speaking with the media, said that some Muslime men came to our home and started shouting ‘Hindustan Murdabad’, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, but we did not raise slogans against India, then they asked us to protest against CAA. When we refused to protest, they began to beat us.

When women were asked about where they were being taken, women said that we were being taken to dharna

When asked about dharna, women said that dharna is being staged to protest against CAA. One of the women named Rihanna said that Mushtaq and his brother came to us and tried to instigate us in the name of religion, but we denied to associate with dharna.

Media asked them whether they had ever joined dharna before, women answered, “No, we have never ever attended any dharna

When asked what they want, women said that Police should take legal action against them. “We are from Shahjahan” Muslim women said. 

Police have already launched campaigns, asking people not to get influenced by others. The police also urged the women not to go and sit on dharnas.

Ever since the Citizenship bill was passed by the Parliament, anti-CAA protesters have been using Muslim women for the protest, for instance, Shaheen Bagh.

Recently, a woman of Shaheen Bagh revealed that her husband forced her to join Shaheen Bagh and protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. She said, “My husband told me that If I staged dharna along with other women at Shaheen Bagh, I would get money”. The woman said that she had no idea about Shaheen Bagh. It was her husband who told her that “I will be paid if I sit on Shaheenbagh dharna,” she said.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.