100 year old Yoga Lady has made her body more flexible than 20 year old guy

Normally People get retired from their jobs at 60, for this age is considered as the mark of one’s being inactive. We often see people who have reached their 70s using sticks for a support while they walk.

Now meet Tao Porchon-Lynch- a 100 year old lady from France who has made her own body as flexible as a rubber band. And the secret is Yoga. She can do several Asans which can be very challenging even for a 20 year old young person.

Photo credit: Barcroft media

‘Nothing’s impossible, whatever you want to do in life you can do it. But, Please, don’t put it off until tomorrow; tomorrow never comes’ says Tao Porchon-Lynch.

Tao was born during World War-1, therefore, she could not take part in Yoga because women in those eras were not considered fit to practice it. But over time she was involved in the practice and beecame a Yoga master.

“I am a 27 year old man, but I literally get shocked when I see her do Yoga in front of my eyes. Even at this age, she is more energetic and flexible than me,” Says her student Peter

“You go around the world and you will see that 99% people at the age of 40-50 are unhealthy and suffering from

a number of diseases, but this lady is beyond praise”, He adds