Indian professor scientifically proves existence of God, for the first time in Human history

To find out if we are alone in the galaxy, we will need to better understand what geochemical conditions nurtured the first life forms. What water, chemistry and temperature cycles fostered the chemical reactions that allowed life to emerge on our planet? Because life arose in the largely unknown surface conditions of Earth’s early history, answering these and other questions remains a challenge. Several seminal experiments in this topic have been conducted at the University of Chicago, including the Miller-Urey experiment that suggested how the building blocks of life could form in a primordial soup. Rapid advancement and development in the field of technology, paves way for research and development in the field of science.

Prof. Manoj Kumar Peethambaran (Assistant Professor CUCEKCUSAT) an Indian researcher from Kerala, has finally found an answer with his empirical study on ‘Life’. He was resolute throughout his research to find the answers, to the most complicated questions that exists or may arise. For past 22 years, he has been doing research on the origin of life and evolution. He states that,life comes from life naturally

which is a biggest paradigm shift in the history of science. He has come up with the evidence-based and empirical concept, hence replacing the present concept of abiogenesis with biogenesis. He believes that biogenesis or Life comes from life, is true in the case of all species like Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, Protozoa, Plants, Reptiles, Sponges, Fishes, Corals, Manmals, Birds, Primates and humans. There are more than ten thousand million of cases where this principle is true.

He claims that the biogenesis is also true in the formation of first cell which has formed from the Solar System and hence, Solar System itself is a life force. Watch Solar system is a living organism:.

His findings and researches are influenced from the study on life science, space science and teachings of Navjyothi Sree Karunakara Guru Santhigiri Ashram, Kerela, India. He furthers states, “If life comes from life is true, then this universe is also a life force and universal consciousness or God. His research findings are published in the 24th Swadeshi Science Congress held at Kerala, India. Visit for his works.

Universe's consciousness or God?
Universe’s consciousness or God?

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