“Energy can be created”, Indian professor Manoj Kumar Peethambaran, proves Western scientists are wrong

In a world of seemingly endless advancements in science and practical ideas, this is an extraordinary moment where an Indian professor after 22 years of perpetual efforts, research and hard work has finally made a breakthrough discovery.

A child when introduced to the concept of physics learns the most important universal law that is about the law of conservation of energy which says that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. But Assistant Professor Manoj Kumar P, whose roots are embedded in the Southern part of India, Kerala states that there are several higher dimensions in which this law is violated. He explains energy can be created as well as destroyed. All his works are deducted from the teachings of Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru, Santhigiri Ashram, Kerela, India.

Star,Solar System,Galaxy and Universe as a life force and as a conscious being.

He is replacing the present concept of abiogenesis with biogenesis. According to him biogenesis or Life Comes From Life is true in the case of Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, Protozoa, plants, sponges, Corals, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Birds, Primates, and Human Beings. There are 1000 crores of cases where this principle is true. He states that biogenesis is also true in the case of first cell because first cell is formed from the solar system which is also considered as a life force. In his research paper published in 24th Swadeshi Science Congress held at Kerela he proves that star,solar syatem,galaxy and universe are life forces or conscious beings.

Structure of universe in extrasensoryperception ( super sensory ie above the level of 5 senses)
Structure of universe in extrasensory perception ( super sensory i.e. above the level of 5 senses)

Charles Darwin’s evolution theory proved incomplete

Here the Professor states that human being as coexistence of self(Jeeva-comes under the domain of consciousness) and the body. Darwin explains only the evolution of the body. Here the Professor also explains the evolution of the self(Jeeva). Darwin explains in his evolution theory the formation of first cell accidental. Here the Professor states that there are no accidents because everything is governed by the law of cause and effect. He states that the origin of first cell was stimulated by the Solar System,the Sun,the Full Moon,Lunar Dust,Ocean,Air and the Atmosphere. Darwin was primarily interested in natural selection and mutation. The Professor states that evolution is also driven by a third component which is the Cosmic play of Planets,27 Stars and 12 Rashis(Zodiac).Evolution which started billions of years ago should not stop with humans. It should continue. The professor concluded that next level of evolution in humans is the evolution of consciousness. He says that there are as many as 10 dimensions of consciousness. 7444 visions leads to one dimension of consciousness
NavaJyothi Sree Karunakara Guru is at 10th dimension of consciousness. After a spiritual condition called moksha(Liberation from cycles of births and deaths) evolution of the Jeeva continues in the form of Stars,Solar Systems,Galaxies,Universe and Multiverse.
Science that is infused with philosophy and spirituality has given many answers to questions which have perplexed scientists for centuries. This new evolutionary cycle in which everything evolves from the centre of the Universe and dissolves back to the centre of Universe explains the evolution of Jeeva which is a core essence of Sanathan Dharma.

Formation of Energy

A Jeeva who obtains the potential of a Universe creates a new Universe, resulting in the formation of a Multiverse. The present authority of the Universe or Primordial consciousness(Adisankalpam or God) controls this evolution from the first cell to Universe. Looking at the structure of the universe, which is obtained in vision or extra sensory perception we can see that everything evolves from the universe’s centre and dissolves back into it . At the end of this cyclic process there is a quantum jump in the energy of the Universe which is a linear process. Energy is then generated linearly. If energy could not be generated by any means then energy would not have existed. This statement establishes that energy can be created. Visit www.sanaadhi.com ,www.santhigiri.com . Support and fund his research. Google Pay ManojKumar +919895508929

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