Her friends play with toys but she sells paintings to fund education for poor children whose parents can’t afford their studies

Many times, we hear about the charity and moments for poor and needy people, but inspirations are around us only, we must look around to find them. Charity was always observed to be done by the elder artists, but seeing someone young doing the same thing gives you the inspiration and it’s an unbelievable thing for the viewers.

A 7-years old girl, who studies in class 2nd in OES International School, Vasai in Maharastra, started doing charity with her hand made paintings. Her mother, Madhavi, accorded her five paintings in an auction of Debabrata Auro Foundation which was ambled by Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker, a bariatric surgeon. With the money, she earned from those paintings, she wanted to help the underprivileged children because helping others makes Sanjana happy and agitated, says her mother in an interview.

Source: TopYaps

Sanjana tows the theme paintings, like painting of a dancing girl which shows the liberty of the girl and a flying bird which indicates that we must struggle to clutch our dreams. The painting of Ganpati bappa was her first painting she had drawn, which she gave to her uncle on the inaugration ceremony of Sanjana Motors. With the money of the paintings she gave books, toys and clothes to the needy children.

Helping these underprivileged children fabricate her which shows that her nature of helping poor people makes her different from other children of her age because every child of her age is usually very much attached with their paintings and even they don’t allow anyone to pick them or touch them.

As per Dr. Aparna, donating and giving small things have an undulate outcome and leaves a good impact on the communities.

Good mind develops a good personality as Sanjana. She thought that everyone has a right to live a good life and she believes in her talent through which she can help those people in living the life which they deserve.

Helping people without any reason procure you as a person with lovable heart. These people teach us how to survive even in the wicked situation.



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