With Innovative Idea, She Has Changed Life Of RagPickers And Earning Crores Herself Too

Cleanliness is a good habit that everyone must espouse it but it never comes at an individual level, rather it is a group or team endeavor. Any program on cleanliness that has been started by Mr. Modi is not at all enough, whereas everyone should indulge themselves in this program by giving their individual efforts. Some people work for self-satisfaction, not for appreciation.

Anita and her husband Shalabh Ahuja, residents of Delhi, re-use the dumped waste. They use the waste plastic to transform into beautiful products and then export them. They are not only providing motivation to others but also give employment to many un-educated or less educated people in the business of garbage or scrap picking.

Issue: KnowYourStar.com

Anita was born in Bhopal and moved to Delhi where she served her entire life in the plate of society. After keenly observing the way of living of ragpickers in the city, she took an important step towards improving the lifestyle for these people. She decided to collect plastic waste on her own from the society and turned them into wonderful handbags, which she got exported at a very good price.

Initially, she had no plans but gradually she began a resident welfare association, in which she introduced few projects for nearby areas for collecting plastics. In the beginning, she started knitting the doormats and carpets which were not so attractive. After some time, she started an NGO named, ‘Conserver India’ with around 3,000 people which got its own rights in 2002. After working with scrap pickers for four years, Anita realized that the lifestyle of these people is not good and she disclaimed the aim of this organization is to improve lifestyle of these people. After the plan of creating carpets, she started working on making handbags from waste plastics. Shalabh, Anita’s husband, realized to help his wife in this good work and started making the large plastic sheets by machines, from which Anita used to create handbags. She has done the artwork on these handbags through the automated machines and showcased these bags in Trade Fair, held in Pragati Maidan in 2003, which helped her in getting an order of 30 lakhs handbags from textile ministry. She accepted this grand order in the ownership of company, on behalf of NGO.

The turnover of this NGO will achieve the height of 100 crores in 2020. Anita and Shalabh are an inspiration for everyone and gives a message to all those who store, pack and sell the food, that we serve to our families and it’s our responsibility to maintain the basic rules of cleanliness.

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