South Indian superstar Suriya donates his house to Agaram foundation

South Indian film fraternity has been blessed with some wonderful actors over the course of time and Suriya is definitely one of them. With some unbelievable hits over the years like Ghajini, the Singham trilogy and various others. But what has earned him great fan base over the course of time is the tender heart he has and the willingness to help the needy.

PC: The Hindu

Suriya started his Agaram foundation back in 2008 with a vision of bringing a significant positive change in the socio-economic status of the rural society in Tamil Nadu by offering quality education to the deserving students. Suriya’s father too had done something similar through “Sivakumar Education Trust from 1979.

Recently, Suriya moved to a new house with all his family members, including his 2 brothers and their wives and his parents. In the process, he decided to donate his previous home to the Agaram foundation as he didn’t want to sell the house where he grew up and made so many memories.

Agaram foundation continues the tradition of providing such educational scholarships to the deserving students. Several educational (engineering and medical) institutes and patrons support the foundation to work towards its goals.

Tamil Nadu is a place where many Sri Lankan refugees reside and the best part about the Agaram foundation is that they dont differentiate people on the basis of their origin and provide education to those who deserve, let that be people from the other country. This even sparked a controversy amongst some Tamil Nadu’s locals as they have never gelled well with Sri Lanka over the course of time.

Suriya’s younger brother Karthi and father Sivakumar are renowned actors in the Tamil Industry. He married one of his co-stars Jyothika and the couple have 2 children. Well, talent needs to be respected, but such kind hearted works need to be respected even more.


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