IIT Roorkee graduate goes to father’s office, says “I’ve topped UPSC, papa”

A recent heartwarming viral moment on social media showcased the pride and surprise of an IIT-Roorkee graduate, who not only made his family proud but also left his father pleasantly surprised. Kshitij, the graduate, shared the heart-touching scene on Instagram on April 18, garnering widespread attention and admiration.

Kshitij scored an impressive All India rank of 441 in the exam, so he decided to share the news with his father, he went to his father’s office, and he was having lunch with his colleagues in the office.

According to the video, Kshitij enters a room and makes a light-hearted comment: “When a senior official comes, you should get up, right?” alerting his father. The father, overwhelmed with emotion, immediately moved from his chair to embrace his son, showering him with embraces and kisses. His colleagues also joined in and started cheering for Kshitij in the background.

Sharing his thoughts on Instagram, Kshitij wrote, “This is how I gave the UPSC CSE 2023 result to my father who was having lunch with colleagues in his office. 2 years of hard work for this special moment Will always be grateful to mom, dad and sister for being the only constant in this journey.

The Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC is one of the most challenging competitive examinations in India, consisting of a rigorous process of almost a year and requiring extensive preparation. The examination recruits candidates for the higher civil services of the Government of India, including the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, and Indian Police Service.

The viral video has received 46 million views and users appreciate it a lot. People flooded the comments section with positive comments highlighting the sweet bond between the father-son duo.

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