Bhopal: IIT student invents driver less Bolero and drives it 50,000km without driver

In today’s era of technological advancement, science, and innovation have propelled humanity into a realm of endless possibilities. Among these innovations, the driverless vehicle stands out as particularly remarkable. Recently, the streets of Bhopal witnessed the debut of this groundbreaking technology, captured in a viral video circulating on social media. This marvel promises unprecedented convenience and signifies the dawn of a new era filled with potential and prosperity.

The viral video shows a fully automatic vehicle, which looks similar to the Bolero vehicle. The special thing is that no driver is required to drive this unique vehicle. This vehicle was built by electronic engineer Sanjeev Sharma, a resident of Bhopal, after 8 years of hard work. Sanjeev has studied electronic engineering at IIT Roorkee. Sanjeev has completed the trial run of this vehicle by driving it without a driver for about 50 thousand kilometers. This vehicle has also been seen running on the roads of Kolar in the capital.

This vehicle decides its route automatically. To drive this car you just need to start it. After that, it decides its path. Due to its modernity, this vehicle changes its path by already seeing the vehicle and person coming ahead. This driverless vehicle has been seen running on Kolar Road in Bhopal, which is currently being trial run. Till now this vehicle has covered a distance of 50 thousand kilometers.

This Bolero vehicle prepared with robotic technology is unique in that it requires no driver. This vehicle can prove to be very helpful in long journeys. Once started, it decides its path. It also gives a side to the vehicle coming from the front and also takes care of the people passing by.

The idea that a car could drive without a human driver was often confined to the realms of movies and science fiction, but scientists have made it a reality. Driverless vehicles are now ready for commercial use and this is a big step towards automation.

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