“Muslim singer replies to Maulana who issues Fatwa for singing Bhakti Song”

‘Har Har Shambho‘ is a viral music video. You must have heard this song. In the month of Saawan, this song went viral on Instagram. Farmani Naaz got popular on social media. The reason behind her popularity is that, despite being a Muslim, she has recently sung a Shiva song ‘Har Har Shambhu’. The cleric of Deoband has issued a fatwa against her and criticised her.

Farmani Naaz is a well-known singer from Muzaffarnagar district of UP. Her popularity is not limited to her hometown, she has 3.84 million subscribers on YouTube. Her participation in Indian Idol season 12 earned her star status in her village and among her fans. In the year 2017, Farmani Naaz was married to Imran of Meerut. A year later, a son was also born, but the in-laws demanded money from Farmani’s mother to pay the medical bills of the victim’s child. Distressed by this, Farmani Naaz then went to her mother’s house and started living there.

Some news surfaced that a fatwa was issued against the order. But this has not happened. Only a statement was issued. Which Mufti Asad Qasmi said, see, “It is not permissible to sing any kind of song in Islam within Shariat. Being a Muslim, if someone sings a song, then it is a crime. Any type of song should be avoided. Refrain from. The song is sung by a woman named Farmani. This is against Shariat. It is a crime to sing such songs, being a Muslim.

In this matter, Farmani said that she is an artist, and artists have no religion. She has to sing all kinds of songs. She sings Qawwali as well as Bhajans. We inform you that Farmani Naaz is divorced. After a year of marriage, their son was born, and he had some problems in his throat. The in-laws and husband started torturing her. Farmani has come to her maternal home. Here a person from the village heard her singing and made a video of it, and uploaded it on YouTube. Only after this Farmani Naaz started making songs and become famous on YouTube. Farmani had told that YouTube is the only source of earning.

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