“Meet Shabnam, India’s first woman to be hanged for murdering 7 innocent people”

For the first time in independent India, a woman is about to be hanged. Shabnam, who killed seven people including her parents, brother, sister, and nephew, is almost certain to be hanged in the district jail of Mathura. The President has rejected her mercy petition. Preparations are being made to hang her in the jail. Just waiting for the death warrant.

The innocent has a placard in his hands and a request is written on this placard. There is a request to the President of India that it is written on this, President Uncle, please forgive my mother. This innocent 12-year-old is probably not fully aware of his mother’s crime. He has no idea how big his mother’s crime is. He does not know that his mother Shabnam killed her entire family 13 years ago along, for which she was sentenced to death. Now the time has come to calculate Shabnam’s sins.

In the crime of a mismatch, he annihilated his entire family who gave birth to her. Cut that parent with an axe. Even while strangling the throat of the 11-year-old innocent nephew, his hands did not tremble. If you listen to the whole story of the crime of words, you will also be shocked.

Shabnam’s uncle and aunt are also saying that their niece had committed the crime. She must be hanged. Date 14 April 2008 Place Amroha’s Bawankhedi. That night the family of teacher Shaukat Ali of Bawankhedi was asleep after having dinner. Unaware of the fact that the eyes they have closed in the night will never really open again. This night would prove to be the last night of their life because their only daughter Shabnam mixed poison in the food the whole family had eaten and slept. After this, Shabnam had called her husband Salim at midnight.

Together they had killed seven members of the family by slitting their throats with an axe. This included Shabnam’s parents, two brothers, sister-in-law and aunt’s daughter. Shabnam and Salim killed her 11-month-old nephew.

Preparations are being made to hang Shabnam, who is lodged in Rampur jail, in Mathura jail. Mathura is the only jail in Uttar Pradesh where there is a female hanging house, or rather only one hanging house. That too for women. This hanging house was built in 1870 in Mathura Jail. The entire compound of the women’s hanging house is about 400 square meters, but no woman has been hanged since 1947.

In the female hanging house of Mathura Jail, which has not been done for decades, hence this hanging house is in a dilapidated condition. Because there has never been a hanging here, that’s why the condition of the woman’s hanging house is that the plank which is in the present condition has been damaged. The lever is not present.

Recently Pawan the executioner had come from Meerut to inspect the hanging. He has also informed the jail administration about the shortcomings in him. The administration is making its preparations for Shabnam’s hanging in Mathura Jail because there are some rules and regulations of the jail for the one who is hanged, who has to be hanged. He has to be kept in solitary confinement separately from other prisoners. If Shabnam has to be hanged, she will first be shifted from Rampur to Mathura. After this she will be kept in seclusion under complete security. The distance of hanging from the place of loneliness is around 200 meters. Although preparations were made to hang a woman named Ramshree 23 years ago in Mathura jail in April 1998, but considering her mercy petition, the then President commuted her death sentence to life imprisonment.

The date of Shabnam’s hanging has not been fixed yet. Even the death warrant has not been issued yet. It has just happened that Shabnam’s mercy petition has been rejected from Rashtrapati Bhavan, the order of hanging can come anytime. Therefore, the Mathura jail administration is busy in preparations. By the way, there are some qualities which cannot be measured at all. Shabnam’s crime was also similar.

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