“Hundreds of requests, But Bihar Govt doesn’t listen to this mother whose daughters were kidnapped”

In Bihar, a mother is moving from door to door for her two minor girls, but neither the Nitish government is able to do anything. Nor is there any help from the police administration.
The name of this woman is Sita Devi. And she is a resident of Sheikhpura in Bihar. They have two daughters, a 15-year-old Ragini and a 13-year-old Rajmani. According to Sita Devi, she used to run a Bhujia shop in the market. Together with both daughters and her husband, she used to somehow earn daily food.
Pain is overflowing from the eyes of this mother. This helpless mother is wandering door to door in search of her two minor daughters. Don’t know when the incomplete search of a mother will be completed, with pictures of daughters in her hands and tears in her eyes. Both daughters of this mother have been kidnapped. Nine months have passed, but till now no clue has been found, and in this condition, the pain of this mother spilled out in front of the leaders in the Janata Darbar. Sita Devi often cries while narrating the story of the disappearance of her daughters.
The victim alleges that Sube Lal Yadav, who lives in Nawada, and his sons kidnapped both her daughters. The kidnappers are residents of Sheikhpura. Sita Devi, along with her entire family, used to live in his house on rent. Sita Devi has told that earlier also she has been threatened through the phone that, along with your daughters, you will also be picked up.
According to the victim, she has complained four times in the Janata Darbar of CM Nitish Kumar. Has appealed to Lalu Yadav five times. Applications have been given five times to the DGP and 10 times to Sheikhpura SP. The Warisaliganj police station’s in-charge has been visited hundreds of times. But until now, no clue about either of the daughters has been found.
After listening to the complaint of Sita Devi, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi spoke to the SP of Sheikhpura and also raised questions on the good governance of the Nitish government. He says, “The matter is serious. She has been missing for seven to eight months. And suppose that if a girl goes away with someone, she still calls her mother. But it has been seven to eight months. It means that the girl has been sold. The girl was killed. Or is the girl being used in some other way?
Desperate in search of daughters, Sita Devi has not given up, but she is extremely helpless in front of the indifference of the system. Will the Bihar Police and Government help this mother meet her daughters?

The article is based on an old Aaj Tak video.

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