“Allah permits Muslims to rape non-Muslim girls”, female Islamic professor make controversial statement

“Allah permits Muslims to rape non-Muslim girls to ‘humiliate’ them”, claimed a Muslim professor from Cairo, Egypt in an interview on Al-Hayat TV. Controversy has arisen since this statement because this interview has gone viral everywhere.

Professor Suad Saleh of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, made this remarkable claim during an interview on Al-Hayat TV. This is a very disgusting thing which Professor Suad Saleh has openly said in the interview.

In a video shared on LiveLeaks, Saud Saleh allegedly asserted that in the context of what she considered a “justifiable conflict” between Muslims and their adversaries, there were disturbing statements made. She reportedly stated that female prisoners of war could be subjected to humiliation by being considered the possessions of an army commander or a Muslim, allowing them to engage in sexual relations with these prisoners similar to how they would with their spouses.

Saleh discussed the topic of acquiring individuals from Asian nations for sexual purposes and asserted that, according to her interpretation, Islamic doctrine permits Muslim men to engage in sexual relations with enslaved women under specific conditions. She suggested that this scenario might be considered acceptable only during a “legitimate war” involving Muslims and their opponents, like Israel.

The controversial claims attributed to Professor Suad Saleh have sparked outrage and condemnation within the Muslim community, with many asserting that they misrepresent Islamic teachings.

Saleh’s comments sparked controversy when she expressed views on certain aspects of Islamic teachings. She suggested that in Islam, the concept of enslaving and engaging in non-consensual relationships with Israeli women is considered acceptable and encouraged, while also criticizing Muslim men involved with East Asian women. Saleh argued that the only legitimate source of slaves in Islamic history was through prisoners of war. Following the widespread dissemination of her interview on social media, there was strong condemnation within the Muslim community, with many asserting that Saleh’s statements misrepresent the true teachings of Islam.

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