Girls in burqa dance to song cursing Non-Muslims as dogs

A video featuring Muslim female students has been circulated on the internet, originally shared by Swati Goyal Sharma. In the video, a group of Muslim girls is seen performing a dance to a song, and they are all dressed in burqas. The performance in the video included language that was offensive towards non-believers (kafirs) and appeared to celebrate the practice of ‘purdah’ for women in Islam.

The viral video features young Muslim girls who are reportedly students of Mau’s Talimuddin Niswan Women’s Degree College. In the video, they can be seen passionately singing a song that encourages Muslim girls to embrace the principles of Islam without being afraid of those who may oppress them.

The song emphasizes that the veil represents the identity of women and encourages the ‘princesses’ of Islam to proudly exhibit their ‘Imaan’ (faith). It also advocates for an educational system and institutions aligned with the principles set forth in Islam.

In addition, the song refers to the alleged ‘enemies’ of Islam as hijras (a term for transgenders) and kuttas (dogs). Sharing the controversial video on X (formerly Twitter), journalist Swati Goel Sharma wrote, “A glimpse into the brainwashing and radicalization taking place in religious minority institutions.”

She expressed, women who wear burqas in video are embracing the full-body covering as a central aspect of their religious faith, while unfairly criticizing non-believers and labeling them as adversaries, using derogatory terms like “hijras” and “dogs.”

Sharma further insisted, “Whoever is trying to end the purdah system is trying to end Islam, he says the video is from Talimuddin Niswan Mahila Degree College in Mau district of UP. The tune of the song is stolen from Katrina Kaif’s ‘Kamli’, whose original source I do not know.

The video tweeted by him has sparked outrage on social media, and various reactions are being seen from people.

On the evening of Friday, August 25, the Mau police announced that they had filed a case under the appropriate legal provisions and are currently conducting further investigations.

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