After Chandrayaan 3’s success, Saudi, Singapore and Korea approach India for collaboration in space program

The success of successful landing of Chandrayaan-3’s lander module has attracted the world and now Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Korea are planning to work with India for space missions here. “Landing on the south side of the moon is very difficult and no country has done it before India. But India has made this difficult task a success and has proved where India stands in the world.”

Saudi Arabia has recently expanded its space program and expressed willingness to work with India after its successful Chandrayaan-3 mission. Singapore is also trying hard to establish its foothold in the field of space research and through this partnership, it will try to increase its space research capability. After this information, Korea is also thinking of uniting in the Indian space program. Korea also intends to take steps towards development in its space research sector and is ready to collaborate with India in its space missions toward success.

According to government officials, Saudi Arabia appears eager to move quickly in the region, and the issue is expected to be discussed on the sidelines of a meeting of G20 leaders in the capital. Similarly, South Korea is particularly interested in knowing about ISRO’s variation in India’s low-cost missions and landings on the previously unknown South Pole of the Moon.

Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal confirmed that some countries have approached India but declined to comment further. “This successful lunar landing marks the beginning of exciting opportunities for groundbreaking scientific exploration. It will pave the way for India to make substantial contributions to the global space community and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of lunar research.” Goyal said.

So far, discussions have been preliminary, and more focused discussions are expected in the coming weeks, particularly with Saudi Arabia. The arrival, which occurred simultaneously with the presence of trade ministers from over a dozen nations in the Pink City, has generated significant discussion during the G20 meeting.

“India has achieved a remarkable feat by successfully landing on the challenging south side of the moon, a task that no other country has accomplished before. This achievement underscores India’s position as a trailblazer on the global stage.” How advanced technology skills are becoming the bright future of this country, said Britain’s Secretary of State for International Trade, Kemi Badenoch.

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