Ex Muslim movement is growing quickly on the internet, Read why Muslim youths are leaving Islam

In the Era of the internet, religious diversity and differences in society are more exposed than ever. A notable movement, the “EX Muslim” movement, has emerged, where individuals who have recently left Islam seek recognition as “ex-Muslims,” distinct from those of other faiths who often identify as atheists. The internet has facilitated both the spread of religious messages and dissent with faith.

Through YouTube, Indian ex-Muslims anonymously engage in online discussions about the Quran and Hadith, fearing violent backlash. Muslim leaders label this movement a “stunt” and downplay its significance due to their perceived small numbers. According to a Pew Research Center report in 2017, Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world and is expected to overtake Christianity as the largest religion by 2035.

Ex-Muslim Sahil has created a stir on the internet. His YouTube channel Sahil’s ex bio states: “I am an Indian ex-Muslim and my aim is to present the other side of Islam and Prophet Muhammad in a very simple and non-technical manner to the Muslim Ummah.”

His YouTube livestreams, which sometimes last up to 13 hours, have been watched by more than 13,000 real-time viewers, a figure even some news channels may have difficulty matching. YouTube had blocked the channel of ex-Muslim Sahil on July 6. But soon after the ban, #UnblockExMuslimSahillnIndia started trending on Twitter. The ban has not been lifted yet but Sahil is livestreaming across the world. Ex-Muslim Sahil now also has a “backup channel”.

Ex-Muslim Sahil YouTube profile

Another regular on ex-Muslim Sahil’s YouTube channel is Adam Seeker. Adam Seeker, hailing from a Pakistani Sunni background, is a former Muslim YouTuber known for his deep knowledge of Islamic scriptures.

Adam Seeker, who has relocated from Pakistan, asserts that in the Islamic country, “inquiring is prohibited.” He says, that in India, people try to answer questions and queries. Adam Seeker revealed that he was a staunch follower of this religion since he was 7-8 years old, but as he studied the “details” deeper, he moved away from this religion.

Ex-Muslim Sahil says that “there are approximately 1.2 crore ex-Muslims in India”. Citing a 2021 Pew Research Center report, he said 6 per cent of Muslims in India ‘do not believe in God’. So, he calculated, “Of the 20 crore Muslims in India, 1.2 crore are now ex-Muslims”.

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