These 8 students changing life of thousands of poor people

 Most of the college students begin to go through a thorough research on their career options as soon as they reach the final stage of their college education. But there are exceptions. Above building career for themselves, a group of 8 students from an engineering college in the city of Asansol (West Bengal) decided to do something different, that is not for them but for the society.

In their college times, they saw many people roaming down the streets hungry and cloth less, which shook them internally.  Improving their conditions became more important to them than thinking of their own future. They got united and decided to work to do away with such scenarios. However, to feed and clothe them, it needed money which they lacked, since they were jobless students.

Nevertheless, a piece of idea came to their mind which was within their financial reach. They decided to collect used cloths, which people from upper middle class throw away, from door to door and distribute them among cloth less people on roadsides. By then they named their group ‘Yogdaan”. This was indeed a catchy name and they deliberately named so, so that people may come forward to help them with whatever they have

The 8 member group did something extraordinary. They collected over 1200 good quality cloths and distributed them among the needy in just 25 days.  Now they are getting good response from the people. They do not want people to help them monetarily, instead they only want stuffs like used cloths, biscuits which people often throw away. If you have anything which you can help them with, please contact them. Their cell phone numbers are +917903771372 and +917699780484.