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When Shashi Tharoor replied to trolls on Social media like a Boss!

India is not only big in terms of population but also in terms of diversity and cultural heritage. India gained Independence from British rule back in the year 1947. Talking about the details of our national flag that has four colours namely- Saffron, White, Green and Navy blue. Each colour signifies a particular message.

India is a country located in South Asia. It is the second-most populous nation which is the seventh-largest country by area, and the most populous democracy in the world. In fact, it is a land of mystery and is known for its incredible history.

Navy blue wheel with 24 spokes is Dharma Chakra while the saffron colour stands for courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation. The white colour signifies purity and truth whereas the green stripe stands for faith and fertility.

There are countless food items in India. Among those foods, Idli is one of the popular foods in the country.

When Shashi Tharoor replied to trolls on Social media like a Boss!

Gordon Ramsay who is a renowned British chef has been on the receiving end of trolls and abuses on social media. It all started when this popular personality criticised medu vada sambar as jail food. Gordon Ramsay, who is a Masterchef is famous for his high temper besides his witty one-liners and sarcasm.

However, he made a terrible mistake when he disrespected the most famous South Indian food and since then, netizens have roasted him badly by coming up with strange tweets.

Now, a British professor calls Idli the world’s most boring thing. He was roasted badly by Shashi Tharoor. It all began when the Zomato asked a question on Twitter. “what’s that one dish you could never understand why people like soo much,” the Indian food delivery portal wrote.

Meanwhile, British professor by the name of Edward Anderson wrote there is nothing more boring than Idly in this world. “Idli are the most boring things in the world.”

His tweet caught the attention of Shashi Tharoor. “Yes, my son, there are some who are truly challenged in this world. Civilisation is hard to acquire: the taste & refinement to appreciate idlis, enjoy cricket, or watch ottamthullal is not given to every mortal. Take pity on this poor man, for he may never know what life can be,” Shashi Tharoor wrote.

Pakistani comedian trolls Shashi Tharoor on Twitter

Shashi Tharoor is a recognised Indian politician, writer and a former career international diplomat who is currently working as a Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, since 2009.

It is worth mentioning here that he was formerly Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and had also contested for the post of Secretary-General in the year 2006.

2 years ago, an Indian politician received the Sahitya Academy Award for his book ‘An Era of Darkness’ in a non-fiction category in English.

When Shashi Tharoor replied to trolls on Social media like a Boss!

Talking about his achievements, while he was pursuing his doctorate, he was awarded the Robert B. Stewart Prize for best student. Quite interestingly, he was also the first editor of the Fletcher Forum of International Affairs.

When he was only 22 years old, he was the youngest to receive a doctorate in the history of the Fletcher School. This goes to show how good Shashi Tharoor was in his early days.

Even today, many are interested to know about the secret behind his rich and powerful vocabulary.

He is known for his knack for using advanced words in his interaction over social media. Sometimes, he uses words like ‘farrago’, ‘rodomontade’, ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ and other words which made netizens refer to a dictionary. What is the real secret behind Tharoor’s vocabulary power? Shashi Tharoor revealed it.

During a candid interaction with students at an event in Thiruvananthapuram, a student asked the 63-year-old leader to give him a new word. In response, Tharoor opened up about how he developed his ‘exotic’ vocabulary.

Much to everyone’s surprise at the event, Tharoor said he “barely opened” dictionary in his life. “I’ll give you a very simple, old word – read – that’s the only way I have acquired the vocabulary. People think I am some sort of nut case who studies dictionaries all day long…I have barely opened dictionary in my life,” Tharoor added. His response received tremendous applause from the audience.

Pakistani comedian trolls Shashi Tharoor

Meanwhile, a Pakistani comedian tried to take a dig at Shashi Tharoor on Twitter. The hilarious video went viral on social media platforms. Pakistan-based stand-up comedian Akbar Chaudry took to Twitter and shared a hilarious video mocking Shashi Tharoor. He captioned the video: “How to speak English like Shashi Tharoor”

To which, Shashi Tharoor gave an epic reply.

Written by Krishna Manohar

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