Manipur like incident takes place in Rajasthan where a woman is stripped by groups

Rajasthan: A horrific incident like Manipur was carried out in Pratapgarh village of Rajasthan, the video of which is also going viral on social media. A woman from Pratapgarh was stripped publicly. This matter is being described as a love affair. After the video went viral, it created a stir all over social media.

A viral video is being reported from Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. In the viral video, it can be seen how a man is molesting a woman and stripping her publicly. Shockingly, the people around are recording the video of this heinous incident instead of helping the helpless woman.

While sharing the video, some people have claimed that this matter is of love affair. The victim woman is said to be from the ST community. Also, it was claimed the woman had eloped with her lover one year ago, and both of them got married. A video of the victim being stripped naked went viral on social media.

A similarly dreadful incident occurred in Manipur, where two Kuki women were subjected to the horrifying ordeal of being stripped and paraded through the city, sending shockwaves throughout the entire nation. This incident in Manipur garnered widespread condemnation, including strong condemnation from leaders of all political parties and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.

Similarly, incidents like Manipur which happened in Rajasthan are also being strongly condemned. Everyone is sharing this video on Twitter and expressing their views. One person tweeted, “Shameful video of Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh, an ST girl was stripped and paraded naked due to love affair, I am sure Manipur gang will not speak a single word now and will not ask for resignation like Ashok Gehlot.” That they did during the time of Manipur.”

In another tweet, a user wrote, “Men stripped a woman naked over an alleged love affair.”. But since this is a Congress-ruled state, there will be no Leli outrage, no demand for CM’s resignation, and the woman There will be no protest for security.” Was there for the Manipur incident.” An additional tweet stated, “A woman was stripped naked in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh. There was no outrage by any group, only because Rajasthan is ruled by Congress.”

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