Popular dancer Sapna Choudhary caught in a Hotel room during a raid, here is full detail about this viral post

Sapna Choudhary is a popular Haryanvi dancer and stage performer. She is well-known for her amazing dance skills and distinctive flair and getting more popular day by day. currently, one of her videos is going viral on social media. However, the reason for her popularity this time around is quite unexpected. She is allegedly engaged in a sex racket while being surrounded by police officers.

According to the viral pictures, in her first image, the police raided the hotel and she was present in the hotel room with the BJP leader thereafter she was apprehended. however, the reality behind these viral pictures is being hidden by the media, and started defaming Sapna Choudhary. On social media platforms, these fake images quickly spread and gained more fame. but the reality behind these images is different.

In one of the viral images, Sapna Choudhary, a well-known dancer, is seated in a hotel room while a police officer stands in front of her in an interrogative stance. In addition, you can see Sapna Choudhary strolling beside the cops in the following few pictures.

These photos create the appearance that she is being taken into custody by the police. It should be mentioned, though, that while the photographs themselves are real, the rumors that surround them are wholly untrue. These images are from a display that was held at a banquet hall in the city of Fatehabad.

The security of Sapna during the performance was the responsibility of the SHO of Fatehabad. Sapna was seated in the chamber of the banquet hall after the show had ended. At this moment, SHO Somveer arrived to escort Sapna safely to her car. that time someone took these images and viral them on social media.

The viral video and images are completely erroneous and unreliable. All of these accusations are untrue and without distinction, so no one should believe them. When Sapna Choudhary heard about this news, she was also shocked and she had to decide to communicate and clarify the issue. Sapna declared that these pictures are entirely fake throughout Facebook Live.

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