Loco pilot commits suicide after getting harassed by money lenders

Shocking news has come out in which the loco pilot has committed suicide due to his despair and helplessness towards the moneylenders. Before dying, he wrote a suicide note in which he held seven people responsible for his death. The incident was reported from the Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. As soon as the news of this tragic incident was heard, social media became the center of discussion.

According to online sources, a 36-year-old youth posted as Assistant Loco Pilot in Railways, a resident of Roshan Nagar, hanged himself in his house on Monday evening, due to which he had taken a loan of about five lakh rupees from a moneylender, on which seven people had given 15 to 20 percent interest. But recently they beat up the young man and sold his bike to extort money.

According to Sumit Burman, brother of the deceased, to save himself from the moneylenders, he had taken a loan from the bank by mortgaging his house, even after repaying it, they were harassing my brother Amit. Perhaps this is the reason why he has taken the suicidal step by hanging himself at home. The same seven moneylenders were held responsible for my brother’s suicide in his suicide note.

Katni Additional Superintendent of Police Santosh Dehariya said that a case has been registered in the case of the death of the youth. A suicide note was also found from the deceased, which the police seized and started investigating. Further legal action will be taken based on whatever facts and evidence come to light during this period.

The suicide note written by the deceased Amit Burman clearly states how he was threatened and intimidated. At the same time, after his death, moneylenders will harass his family for money. At present, the accused mentioned in the police suicide note include Amit Nayak, Pasu Anna, Naveen Garg, Shivans Jaiswal, Abhishek Gautam, Rakesh Tiwari, and Rupesh, who has mortgaged his bike, have started interrogating him.

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