Youtuber couple jumps off 7th floor to commit suicide, check out full details inside

Recently there has been an extensive dispute between a video creator couple on YouTube, shocking everyone. This couple used to make videos to upload on YouTube and Facebook, but due to a dispute, both of them jumped from a high building. This incident has raised deep questions on social media.

The couple who committed suicide have been identified as 25-year-old Garvit and 22-year-old Nandini. Both of them used to run their channel together and make short films. It is being told that earlier both of them lived in Dehradun with their team but shifted to Bahadurgarh a few days ago.

Both of them rented a house on the seventh floor of Ruhela Residency in Bahadurgarh and were living with five people. Reports indicate that on the morning of April 13, both of them committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor. According to online sources, both of them had returned after shooting and there was an argument between them over some issue. After receiving the news of the suicide of both, the police reached the spot and took the bodies into custody. The police are searching for the reason why both of them committed suicide.

Not only this, the forensic team also reached the spot and investigated. Police are now scanning the CCTV footage of the area to get to the bottom of the incident. Investigating officer Jagbir said, “We are investigating the incident.” At present the police are busy investigating the entire matter. The incident also shows how high the value of fame has become on social media and how difficult it can be to cope with its risks.

The tragic incident involving Garvit and Nandini has sent shockwaves through social media, prompting introspection into the pressures and challenges faced by content creators. It underscores the importance of mental health awareness and support within online communities.

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